Full Service Residential Real Estate Appraisal

The firm has had a reputation of integrity, quality, experience, and excellent customer service since it was founded in 1980 as L.R. Green and Associates.  In April, 2007, following an eleven-year partnership with Mr. Green, the firm's founder, Rachel Feldman, SRA, bought L.R. Green and Associates and changed its name to Green Appraisal Services. 

Over the years, we have seen every kind of residential real estate in Central Oregon and have developed a reputation for expert appraisal analyses of complex and unique properties. At the same time, we are known for reliable and accurate appraisals. Hallmarks of our appraisals are in-depth market analysis and comprehensive reports.

In addition to estimating market value for lenders, we work on estate planning, probate trusts, employee relocation, small residential income properties, pre-purchase appraisals, private mortgage insurance (PMI) removal and new construction inspections. Our long-term experience is invaluable in these complex arenas where understanding the market over time can be as important as establishing today’s value.